Interview With Millennial Author & Former WH Intern, Demetrius Minor

29-year old Demetrius Minor, author of “Preservation and Purpose: The Making Of A Young Millennial and A Manifesto for Faith, Family and...
Posted On Aug 31 2015


Where Do the GOP Candidates (REALLY) Stand On Common Core? Macey GRADES Them!

Our Common Core Warrior, Macey France, grades each of the GOP candidates regarding their stance on Common Core. Do ANY of them get an A?


Special Needs Parents – Beware Arne Duncan and September 21st

Arne Duncan and Common Core are at it again. Macey France offers a heads-up for parents with special needs children.


Should America Help Persecuted Christians Throughout the World?

Christians are being slaughtered worldwide for their beliefs. Should America open her arms to save the ones who are able to escape?