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Pres. Trump Continues Support of Luther Strange in Alabama Race

On Thursday a rally was held in Alabama for Chief Justice Roy Moore.  Despite the endorsement of the two speakers, Sarah Palin and Sebastian...


Gorka to Conservatives: “Relax..We Are In This for the Long Game”

From Washington Times: Former White House deputy assistant Sebastian Gorka has a simple message for President Trump’s supporters who are troubled...


What is the Message You Want Your Child to Hear? 

Now is a very challenging time to be a parent to any child between the age of 6 and 22 years old. My children grow up in a much different world...


Teach From Love: School Year Devotional for Families by Sam Sorbo

Dr. Fred Eichelman's review of Sam Sorbo's new book, Teach From Love: A School Year Devotional for Families