Ancestor of Jefferson Davis on Confederate Flag: “It is time that this flag be folded”

Bertram Hayes-Davis, great-great grandson of Jefferson Davis, offers his solution to the Confederate flag controversy.


Planned Parenthood’s Lurid Past: Racial Superiority, Sterilization, Segregation

Planned Parenthood's origins consisted of sterilizing &/or segregating those deemed unworthy in the Black community. Why do so many continue to...


Heads-Up Parents: School-wide Student Mental Health Plans Coming Your Way

Parents Beware: The latest grab for your children are Student Mental Health plans, in which teachers are allowed to evaluate your child's mental...
Posted On Jul 16 2015


Next Step: Common Core Mixes With Vacation Bible School.

How can the masterminds behind Common Core involve religion in their plans to take over education? Offer Common Core training to VBS providers!