New Target For ISIS: Vocal Women

Despite believing women are inferior, ISIS is now targeting prominent, outspoken women.


Wondering Why We’re Losing Our Kids? (Spoiler Alert: Common Core)

If you're wondering why so many children are being misled by the media, look no further than Common Core and the US Dept. of Education.
Posted On Jun 30 2015


Beaten to Death in Plain Sight: 8-Year Old Gabriel’s Story

PolitiChicks Editor/CEO Ann-Marie Murrell interviews Gabriel's 1st grade teacher about her role in Gabriel's very brief life. This is Gabriel's...


Same-Sex Ruling: Did “Love Win” or Did God Lose?

Were those who fought for same-sex marriage fighting for the right to love their partner? Could their love only be shared if it was recognized by...
Posted On Jun 28 2015