The PolitiChicks, Diane Keaton, Magic Johnson Among Speakers at Bakersfield Business Conference

PolitiChicks owners Ann-Marie Murrell and Morgan Brittany, along with their newst national spokesperson Sonya Sasser, are among an incredible...


Israel Mourns Shimon Peres, the Last of Israel’s Founding Fathers

The last of Israel’s founding fathers Shimon Peres has passed away this week. He has lead an exemplary 66 year career from creating the Israel...


Radio Host Tommy ‘Tj’ Sotomayer: Fatherless in Black America

The Glazov Gang was joined by Radio Host Tommy “Tj” Sotomayor, who came on the show to discuss “Fatherlessness in Black America,” unveiling the...


Where Will America Drop Anchor?

No city in America will be a good place to put down anchor unless God is where the anchor is placed.
Posted On Sep 25 2016