PR Nightmare: Pentagon Suspends CA Soldiers’ Enlistment Bonus Repayments

The Pentagon has suspended efforts to force California National Guard troops to repay their enlistment bonuses that may have been improperly awarded.


Obamacare Architect: ‘Law Is Working…We Need Larger Mandate Penalty’

Jonathan Gruber is standing strong beside the very weak, imploding ACA he helped design.


Radio Host Tommy ‘Tj’ Sotomayer: Fatherless in Black America

The Glazov Gang was joined by Radio Host Tommy “Tj” Sotomayor, who came on the show to discuss “Fatherlessness in Black America,” unveiling the...


WikiLeaks Exposes Clinton Campaign’s Disdain for Catholics and Evangelicals

A top spokeswoman for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign mocked Catholics and evangelical Christians in a 2011 email exchange exposed...