Voters First Forum: First Look at GOP Presidential Primary Hopefuls

Tuesday night the 2016 Presidential hopefuls met onstage at the Voters First Forum in New Hampshire.
Posted On Aug 04 2015


Planned Parenthood & Why I Choose Life

We as individuals and as a nation can no longer claim ignorance. The Planned Parenthood videos are readily available, real, and damning…for all...


UPDATED: (WARNING: Graphic) Common Core-Approved Child Pornography

Update on Macey France's article about The Bluest Eye, a book filled w/porn & pedophilia & is on the Common Core list of exemplar texts for 11th...


Next Step: Common Core Mixes With Vacation Bible School.

How can the masterminds behind Common Core involve religion in their plans to take over education? Offer Common Core training to VBS providers!