Day: November 22, 2016

President-elect Donald Trump Outlines Policy Plan for First 100 Days (video)

President-elect Donald Trump just released a video outlining his transition team's policy plan for the first 100 days in office.

Obama Presents Medal of Freedom to Abortion Activist Gloria Steinem

President Obama gives the Presidential Medal of Freedom to a woman who thinks women need to kill their own children more than they need breast screenings. How sad.

Terror Plot Foiled in France, Police Arrest Seven Amid Fears of Attack

A terror plot has been foiled in France after police made a series of arrests amid fears of an attack on a Christmas market. Officers detained seven people of French, Moroccan and Afghan origin...

My Father’s Ring and the Little Miracles of November 22

Since the death of her father on November 22, Ann-Marie Murrell shares the miracles that have occurred on that date beginning with her father's ring.

Four Law Enforcement Officers Shot in 24 Hours in Four Cities

Two police officers have been shot in separate incidents in what authorities are calling targeted attacks. One died; the other was shot twice in the face but was expected to survive.

Journalists Behaving Badly

America’s news media launched an entire separate wing of the Clinton campaign and the Democrat Party. They eagerly fed the nation any and all propaganda thinly described as news whenever it was...