Year: 2015

Honoring Fallen NYPD Detective and Soldier Killed in Afghanistan

NYPD gave their final goodbye to NYPD Detective and Soldier Joseph Lemm, killed in Afghanistan.

Peyton Manning v. Al Jazeera

As both a professional athlete and a lawyer, Dr. Sarah Condor has much to say about Al Jazeera's allegations against Peyton Manning.

Daniel Greenfield: Duma and the Return of the King

Israel is facing a grave "king" crisis. The threat was uncovered by Shabak's Jewish section, a gang of Jewish youths had plotted to "appoint a king".

#MonaLog: Pataki Ends Presidential Bid, Santorum Goes After Cruz

Our PolitiChick insider Mona Salama shares this week's latest stories, including Pataki ending his presidential bid & Santorum dissing Sen. Ted Cruz.

Top 10 Best Movies of 2015

Our PolitiChicks movie reviewer Holly Woodland shares her Top 10 Best Movies of 2015. Is your favorite on the list?

Rupert Murdock Blames Liberal Political Elites for America’s Identity Crisis

Accepting Hudson Institutes Global Leadership Award, Rupert Murdoch calls out the “comfortable elite” for creating our country’s “identity crisis”.

Losing Our Religion

What will become of America if we lose our religion to the current onslaught of political correctness?

Daniel Greenfield: Trump, Dictatorship and Competing With An Illiberal Left

Instead of thinking about how to defeat Trump, the Republican Party really needs to answer how it will defeat Obama and the forces that gave rise to him.

Are Democrats Throwing the Game for a Poisoned Presidency?

Steve Maikoski believes the Democrats are offering the Republicans the next presidency as a poisoned piece on the political chessboard.

The English Language and the Totality of Tolerance

Dr. Sarah Condor explores the worldwide importance of the English language.

American Taxpayers Sold Down the River By Republican Dominated House

They aren't listening. How much more does the establishment Republican Party think Republicans will take?

Leftists’ Revenge: (D) City Councilwoman Tweets Voters Personal Info

A Democrat councilwoman publicly tweeted personal contact information of 4 voters that disapproved of her actions.

This War is Not About Religion, It Is About Hate.

Islamic jihadists cannot be reasoned with & are a constant danger to the world. This war is not about religion, it is about hate.

Ben Carson vs. Jefferson Smith

Maureen Mullins compares Dr. Ben Carson to Jefferson Smith from "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington".

Dr. Ari Babaknia: When Silence is Not an Option

When Silence is Not an Option — on The Glazov Gang. Where was the world during the Holocaust? Where is it today while ISIS massacres innocents?

A Leftist Christmas Meme: DEBUNKED!

Sean O'Reilly debunks an insulting social media meme about Jesus this Christmas.

MERRY Christmas!

Merry Christmas! Not “happy” but “merry,” and it is more than a “holiday.”

A Modern “Takeaway” from the Christmas Storm of 1776

There’s so much hope and inspiration our Modern-day Patriot can take from the Christmas Storm of 1776.